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2 weeks alone in the three millennium year old city of Beijing (Peking) the capital of 🇨🇳 China. Visited some world heritage sites such as the Forbidden City (Zîjìnchéng), Temple of Heaven (Tiāntán Gōngyuán), the Summer Palace as well other historic locations in the city as Tiān'ānmén Square, the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong, the Hútòng, Bêihâi Park and Hòuhâi Lakes, the 798 Arts District (Qī Jiû Bā Yìshù Qū), and the Lama Temple (Yōnghé Gōng), and the National Art Museum of China. Other places seen were Xidan, Sanlitun, Dongcheng, Confucius Temple, Oriental Plaza, National Centre for the Performing Arts, the Workers Stadium, Longtan Lake Park literally translating to The Pool of the Dragon (Lóngtánhú Gōngyuán) 🐉 which is where my quarters overlooked, and the bus and subway lines. Here are some photographs of traveling through the beautiful ancient ultra modern city of Bêijīng.