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Claremont Graduate University Art department travels to Tianjin Academy of Fine Art in China

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

Artist and school President Deng Guoyuan welcomed CGU Professors David Pagel (LA Times art critic), Rachel Lachowicz (installation artist), and David Amico (abstract painter) as well as recent graduating alumni artists Doraelia Ruiz and Tommy Canales Burns. After arriving in Beijing on June 18th they all were picked up by the ambassador between the two school programs, Professor Yi Kai. A quick shuttle to Tianjin, where they were to stay for the next two weeks. Working in temporary studio spaces on TAFA campus, the US artists and Yi Kai prepared for a group show. Curated by Professor Deng Guoyuan of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Yi Kai, David Pagel (Professor of Art Theory and History at Claremont Graduate School) and Wang Weiyi, the Director of the Art Museum of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts where the show was exhibited. Here are some photographs of the show, as well as of Mr. Deng's amazing studio he graciously invited us to visit and other miscellaneous pictures of our trip in Tianjin. It was an incredible experience to meet the talented hardworking students staff and faculty at TAFA who truly made our tour of their city and school extremely memorable and remarkable.

photographs by tommy canales burns

Here is a link to a chinese art website which wrote about the show

"Transpositions: Malleable Materials, Fluid Forms, and Shifting Contexts"

curated by David Pagel

featuring art by David Amico, Rachel Lachowicz, Yi Kai, Doraelia Ruiz,

and Tommy Canales Burns

English translation of website (some quotes lost in translation):

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